Along this route, you can discover and enjoy the Leie and all its beauty. At the most picturesque piece of the Leie, the “Oude Leie”, you will discover Deinze, with the castle of Ooidonk, Deurle and Sint-Martens-Latem with lots of art galleries and cozy terraces. Obviously the historical Kortrijk and Ghent don’t fail this route. You can also enjoy a piece of the Flemish Ardennes in Oudenaarde.

Region & boating routes

Start - destination Boating hours Canal
Beernem Deinze Kortrijk 7h Canal Ghent-Ostend terug tot aan de sluis van Schipdonk, Afleidingskanaal van de Leie, Deinze (jachtaven aan Brielmeersen), Leie tot Kortrijk (jachthaven en ligplaats op aftakking Leie)
Kortrijk Oudenaarde Ghent 8h Canal Bossuit-Kortrijk, Boven-Schelde, Oudenaarde (jachthaven op Oude Scheldearm), Ringvaart, Ghent
Ghent Beernem Canal Ghent-Ostend


In Beernem is the basis of Charter d'Or in the Marina BWSV. The old Canal is an excellent natural area. At walking distance from the Marina there is a super market and on site you can eat a tasty snack or a pancake in 't boothuis.

In Deinze beckons the museum with painters of the Latem school. By bike or on foot, it’ worth to visit the gardens of Castle Ooidonk. The castle itself is a beautiful medieval castle that was rebuilt at the end of 16th century. Furthermore, there is the famous ‘Beiaards-church’ or you can visit the animal park. Or do you prefer Deurle, the most beautiful village of East Flanders? Deinze Yacht Club is located close to the Centre of the city of Deinze, next to the recreation area the “Brielmeersen”. The Marina has 64 places and  4 of them are reserved for visitors all year round.

At the ’Handelskaai’ in Kortrijk there is a pier for pleasure boating. Nearby you’ll find Barbootel, a barge that was completely converted into catering ship. On the other side of the river Leie gleams the Golden Crown of Texture, Museum about Leie and flax.

Furthermore you can visit the historic town hall and belfry, the Broel towers or you can spend a day shopping. Along the borders of the Leie collar it is great to relax and in the summer you can also go to Buda Beach. Finally, there is also a Marina along the Guido Gezellepad but this one is only available to small ships (you have to be able to sail under the bridge).

Oudenaarde is well known for the picturesque "verdures" or tapestries. Ename shows his past in the archaeological site and the museum brings the year 1000 back to life. Oudenaarde is known for its 16th century town hall, the Centre tour of Flanders and for its breweries.

Sailing Centre Drongen has several jetties in the Slingerstraat in Drongen. In consultation with the harbor master passers can overnight here.

Portus Ganda is the nautical gateway to the city of Ghent, located on the historic confluence of the Schelde with the Leie river near the city center. The port is conceived as Marina, which ensures water tourist (even in the peak season) most guaranteed to land directly from his vessel. Quirky Ghent breathes history and offers you a fascinating cocktail of culture filled with trendy and modern city life. Gent is the city for bon vivants, everything is possible, a city on a human scale. The sympathetic and welcoming Ghent knows what good life is.  During your trip, take the opportunity to visit the world famous masterpiece the Lamb of God, by the van Eyck brothers, or admire the S.M.A.K. museum. In terms of gastronomy we can recommend many restaurants in this region.

Sint-Martens-Latem was and still is a painter village, look at its many art galleries and artists' homes. The many terraces invite you to relax. A real jungle trip through the Leiemeersen is surprisingly different.

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